Folding Commode Stand

We have a cheap and best solution. MEC introduces Folding toilet stands which helps one to use what makes them comfortable and it is not costly.

Product Description : MEC introduces a very useful bathroom accessory which is the best solution for people having difficulty in using the Indian style toilet. People suffering from Obesity, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Back and knee problem and pregnant ladies who find use of Indian toilet very painful and inconvenient will find our product very useful and easy to use.

  • Are you suffering from a problem which makes it hard for you to use Indian style toilets?
  • Your Children always want western style toilets and you Indian style?
  • Your Parents find it hard using Indian style toilets?
  • Do you think converting Indian style toilets in to western style is costly and requires time?
  • Is someone in your family pregnant and prefers using western style toilets?



Installation : We have a simple installation process. Toilet Stand fits easily on the Back wall or Side wall of the toilet. It hardly requires time to fix the Toilet Stand. If you install the traditional western ceramic commode it consumes a lot of time as it requires civil work, plumbing work and it is expensive. Also once done you cannot immediately change it back to Indian Style. The folding toilet stand is very sturdy and can be fitted without damaging the toilet in any way. The stand is made of stainless steel covered with durable & decorative plastic seat.


We also have portable toilet stand which are light to carry and easy to use while travelling.